Outside the Athlete - Josh Bass

Josh Bass has a new look. It's not the shoes, not the uniform, it's a new haircut.

Josh Bass said, "It took about three years and it was down my back and it was a big loss, but I thought it was worth it."

Why was it worth it? Because Bass gave his locks to his 12 year cousin Adrian, who was diagnosed with cancer six months ago.

Bass said, "I have a little cousin she's about 12 years old was diagnosed with bone cancer and I decided since I couldn't go see her, I'd just go and donate my hair to her, plus she had beautiful hair, so I think that was a big loss to her so I decided to give her mine."
It may take Bass time to get accustomed to his new look, but he'd rather it be him than her.

Bass said, "I'd rather for me to get asked questions what happened to my hair then her a 12 year old facing this big road, going through her peers keep asking questions."

And the big defensive tackle just hopes that his gift can help with the recovery process.

Bass said, "She's awesome, she's recovering better now I think my auntie's got it made for her, the wig, so I hope she's enjoying it."