FAMU Football Gives Thanks by Giving Turkeys

Louise Royal said, "We have turkeys, we actually have turkeys. We're not giving out vouchers, we actually have turkeys and it's unbelievable. I'm just overwhelmed."

When head coach Rubin Carter and a host of Rattler football players walked into Project Head Start Monday they came bearing gifts for a Thanksgiving feast.

Rubin Carter said, "We have turkeys, dressing, macaroni and cheese."

Florida A&M football is saying thank you to a community that has supported them during the season.

Dan Parrish said, "We're just taking time out of our busy schedule. We just got done playing our last game and we just want to come back and show the community that we thank them for all the support they've been giving us all year by giving out turkeys to the needy for Thanksgiving."

The Rattlers handed out more than 40 full meals this year and are intent of continuing their community service in the future.

Vernon Wilder said, "I think it shows that we care, that we give back when we have the opportunity to. A lot of families we go to are going to have kids, and kids see that athletes need to help out in the community, and it's good to see that we can be good role models."

Carter said, "I think it's important for our young men because we do appreciate the community support. Certainly we can't survive alone by ourselves on the hill without community support, so this is a very important that we're able to go out and give back."

And certainly the community hopes the support will keep on coming.

Royal said, "Our families are all from low income families and we usually try to do something for them every Thanksgiving, and this is going to be a tremendous help, and they're just going to be taken aback."