Clinch County Headed to the Dome

If you want tradition, try this on for size: 4 State Championships, trips to the Georgia Dome 4 out the last 5 years. Welcome to Clinch County football.

Jim Dickerson said, "The old saying around here is tradition never graduates and we have high expectations for our kids and that makes my job easy."

Joel Varnedoe said, "There's a big tradition here at Clinch County, we won State Championships a couple of times the past 4 years and we've got a lot of big shoes to fill."

And a big part of that tradition falls on the defensive side of the ball where the Panthers have gotten the job done in record breaking style. During their 11 game win streak Clinch has shutout 7 opponents.

Lafiyama Lacey said, "We're known for a good defense, so we're trying to put ours up there and be in the record books too."

The record books are nice, but when you reach nickname status, that's something else.

Dickerson said, "That's what some folks labeled our defense and we take a lot of pride in that and when they become a starter and walk the way they're supposed to act we black shirt them and if you notice, most of our team is black shirted."

Lacey said, "The Black Swarm, you get this here when you become a starter on the defense when you've done something and we've got seven shutouts we've broken the school record of six, so we've got to live up to a high standard."

And if the "Black Swarm" gets two more wins, they'll have raised the bar even higher for the next group of Panthers.