FSU Chiefs Hoping to See the Emerald

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Some Florida State Marching Chiefs want one thing for Christmas, a chance to play in the Emerald Bowl in San Francisco.

"I think it’s important that we go support the football team," said head drum major David Thornton.

But Thornton and others are worried their holiday wish won't come true.

"We're just not going. That's what we've been told," said Thornton. "I'm upset because it’s my last year and I think it’s important that we represent the football team and the university out there."

Band member Daniel Farr says their chance to go is slim.

"To not be there, they know we'll be supporting them in spirit, but I really wish we could be there to support them actually there."

Michael Jennings, who plays the trumpet, says the band is a vital part of the game.

"I feel that a big reason for our football team’s success that we have had in the past throughout the regular season and bowl games is because the band has been there to root them on."

The university says it is still undecided. Right now it’s crunching the numbers and trying to figure out how much it would cost to send more than 400 band members to California.

FSU student Jessica Sperry says it's not worth the money.

"I would support the school in not sending the band to California. It's a lot of people in the band and it would take a lot of money, whereas that money could go to other things like funding school programs."

The band department says in 20 years the Chiefs have never missed a Bowl game. Band members are hoping this year won't change.

One Seminole Booster says it could cost the university upwards of $400,000 to send the Chiefs to California. The Noles will play in the Emerald Bowl on December 27 against UCLA, with or without the band.