Outside the Athlete: Matt Meinrod

Matt Meinrod's football career came to an unfortunate end last season against Wake Forest when he dislocated his ankle and broke his leg.

Matt Meinrod said, "It was just a big letdown because in college you have two things in mind; you want to be a starter on the football team and you want to play pro football, and when that gets taken away from you, and it's out of your hands, it's a big disappointment."

That disappointment has been replaced by another one of Meinrod's passions, writing, and this season the former Seminole has had the opportunity to write about his former team as a journalist for The Osceola and Warchant.com.

Meinrod said, "Just relating to the guys, I know what's going through their heads, I know the difference between a Monday practice and a Thursday practice, I just know the game preparation."

But in a year where Florida State has struggled, Meinrod has found it difficult to separate his writing, and his allegiance to his former teammates.

Meinrod said, "We're 6-6 right now and every time I write a column it seems to be a lot of negative stuff to write about. Fans are upset, I'm upset, everybody's upset. It's not easy being a journalist, especially in my shoes, when we're having a down season."

Yet Meinrod has waded through the ups and downs in his first year on the job and is enjoying the view from the other side of the fence.

Meinrod said, "My first passion is writing, so I wouldn't mind ideally one day being a national syndicated columnist."