Outside the Athlete - Lance White

Melanie White said, "After trying for four years to have a biological kid, then we knew adoption was our option to build our family so that's how we got our kids through adoption."

FSU assistant women's basketball coach Lance White and his wife Melanie had a whirlwind seven week stretch starting in January in which they became parents of not one, but two adopted children. Quentin and Vivian.

White said, "We got the call on a Tuesday night and we loaded up on the plane, both babies were born in Texas and I got to be in the room when Quentin was born so it was amazing, and then seven weeks later with no warning at all."

The White's had the chance to head back to Texas in March, this time for their baby girl.
White said, "I got a call from my mother-in-law and I jokingly said, you have another baby for us, she said, I sure did, a little girl was born in Lubbock Texas, so we got the call on noon on Thursday and by noon on Friday we were walking out of the hospital with Vivian in our arms."

And now the White's have the complete family they've always wanted.

Lance White said, "Now just to be able to come home and know we've got our family is really, really special."