Outside the Athlete: FAMU Basketball Gives Gifts

"Say thank you. Thank You!

The smiles say it all, the FAMU Men's Basketball team helped make a Christmas wish come true for this local family.

Kaylean Henley said, "It's so great, it's real great, I wasn't able to get much this year, but I was going to get them something, I was going to get the rest after Christmas, but I'm glad they helped me out. It's amazing."

The Rattlers partnered with Christmas Connection to help bring gifts to Henley and her two kids.

Mike Gillespie said, "Our young men have been blessed by the Lord to be able to participate in the great game of basketball but then also to come out here today and to help someone to have a much Merrier Christmas is really a Godsend for us and we're very happy to be here and very excited for that family."

Darius Glover said, "I was excited about it, all the guys were excited about it because we've never done something like this to this extreme to help any family."

The highlight of the morning came as they players watched the kids open their gifts.

Gillespie said, "To see that young lady open those two Barbie dolls again, it's a great feeling."

Glover said, "I was really excited when I saw her open the gift and she said her speech that kind of made all the guys say ‘awwwww,’ so it was pretty nice."

And a great way to spread the Christmas spirit to the community.

The FAMU basketball team said, "Merry Christmas!"