Outside the Athlete: Jared Mabry

This is the Jared Mabry. You’re used to seeing on our airwaves, but this Jared Mabry is the one you might see if you're buying pair of shoes at Finish Line.

Jared Mabry said, "I'm a sales associate, I sell shoes, clean up and stuff like that. It's a lot of fun."

While Mabry doesn't get a lot of hours this time of year, he still finds time in his schedule to put some work in.

Mabry said, "I work at Finish Line part time and most of the time I don't get the chance to work because I'm doing basketball, but any other time I'm not doing basketball I'm trying to work."

Even with his job and basketball Mabry knows he has to keep his priorities straight.

Mabry said, "You've got to stay focused, school first, it's most important, then basketball, then work, going to Finish Line that's third, anytime I can go up there to help them I do."

And most importantly, Mabry is learning real life lessons while still in high school.

Mabry said, "My mom's big thing is to be responsible. She says you'll be out of the house next year, so you have to be responsible with your money, basketball, and school."

So the next time you see Mabry knock down a jumper just assume it's gotta be the shoes, or maybe just the shoes he sells.