Coaches Corner : Andy Warner Soccer

If practice makes perfect, then throw in a little Irish luck into the mix and we could be witnessing the next group of sensational players at Warner Soccer.

The organization that includes around 1,800 soccer players in the region, recently added some international flavor to help run their summer camps, and they come with quite the resumes.

Andy Warner says, "Being originally from England, I've always had international connections and with college coaches and that, and Mike (O'Neil) has been coming to the United States for many years."

Warner added, "He actually coached the Northern Irish women's team. He was a pioneer in many senses. He comes highly regarded. He'd never been to Tallahassee, wanted the opportunity, so he's come here and I think he's enjoying what he's doing."

While the addition of Mike O'Neil is a temporary one, Leo Flanagan joins Warner Soccer full time, after a decade with one of the largest clubs in Jacksonville. He believes he's got a lot to bring to the table here in Tallahassee.

Flanagan says, "As a coach, obviously experience, organization, particularly in the events, tournaments and stuff like that. He's looking to enhance his program in that area."

And with the help of his newly acquired international staff, it's an enhancement Warner envisions happening quickly.

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