Outside the Athlete - Tim Tebow

It's safe to say that Tebow mania is running rampant through Gator Nation. Florida freshman quarterback Tim Tebow had a dream season helping lead the Gators to their second football National Championship, but Tebow's life isn't just about football, in part to how and where he grew up.

Tim Tebow said, "My dad, he was a pastor in Jacksonville, went to seminary and then went on a mission trip in '85 and decided that's what he wanted to do. Our family lived down there from '85-'90."

Tebow's family still has deep roots in the Philippines. They've started an orphanage which Tebow has visited the past four summers.

Tebow said, "We have 49 orphans in our orphanage and being over there really makes you appreciate what you have here, and it's hard to put into words everything you see over there when you come back you're definitely a changed person."

Tebow's favorite part of his journeys is spending time with the kids.

Tebow said, "What makes it special is the kids, not the building, but the kids, because here in America you see kids not being thankful for what they have and then you go over there and these kids who have no parents nothing, but yet they are so much more happy then the kids over here, enjoying life, enjoying what they do have."

With a new football season, the hype surrounding Tebow will increase, but expect the Gator signal caller to keep himself grounded remembering what he's seen overseas.