FSU Soccer Fans Gear Up for Final Four

Fans from all over the world have come to stand behind the lady Noles as they compete in the final four for the very first time.

"My wife and I are alumni, so anytime we can go to a football, basketball, or soccer game any thing, we're there," said William Harris.

"I am a poor starving college student and I paid for this ticket," said Lucera Gallegos.

Die-hard fans say the money spent on tickets and travel is worth the trip as well as the chilly temperatures they're braving.

"I have a lot of clothes on, it’s a lot colder here in Oklahoma City. I was going to paint my chest and wear one of those wigs, but I am not it is a little cold," said Jim Bybee, father.

Watching from inside is warmer, but most folks prefer an eyewitness account.

"I've been to the last three world cups, the last two women's and the last three men's, so I definitely get around,” said Zack Phillips.

This weekend's fan's final destination is at the SAS Stadium. They say win or lose, they'll continue to give the girls the undying support that has carried them here thus far.