Outside the Athlete - Tallahassee Titans

Florida A&M fans will remember this familiar site, Ben Dougherty hooking up with Rod Miller for a touchdown. Now Rattler supporters could see it again with the Tallahassee Titans.

Rod Miller said, "Just excited overall for the opportunity to be playing again."

But Miller isn't just a football player these days; he also has a second job.

Miller said, "I'm a trainer at Titus Sports Academy. I'm real proud to be a part of that. That's something I plan on doing so far after football and things of that nature."

Miller isn't alone. Many of the Titans have a second job like former Seminole Patrick Harrington who works as a bartender two nights a week.

Patrick Harrington said, "You definitely have to have a job during the day and this is more like a starting out point. All the people on this team love to play football, some of the guys have full-time jobs; some people may have part-time jobs."

The most difficult task for these athletes is the balancing act between the two.

Miller said, "I am a full-time employee there (Titus) so getting off at 11:30 at night then waking up the next morning at 5-6 a.m.

Harrington said, "I work on Friday nights and Saturday nights, so hopefully they don't conflict. Coach did say we were going to start having practices on Saturday mornings so that might hurt a little bit."

But when you still have a chance to play the game you love, no sacrifice is too much.