FSU's Posey "Catching On" to New Postition

Teams learned early last season that you don't take an extra base when Buster Posey is your relay man, but a new season brings a new position for Posey, something many following the team expected, except for the fact that Posey isn't moving to pitcher, but catcher.

Buster Posey said, "I've had some time now thankfully. We started off at the beginning of fall, so I had three weeks in fall practice until Christmas, and I got some work in over Christmas, and the week and a half we've had so far, it’s gone well."

With Florida State's top two catchers gone from last season, a gaping hole was left behind the plate, so Posey goes from being the next Stephen Drew, to paving his own way as a catcher, certainly bringing about some adjustments.

Posey said, "The biggest change for me so far is just been my body getting used to squatting all the time instead of moving around standing up straight and I think stretching everything out."

Even with a new position, the expectations for Posey are high.

Posey said, "I think if you think like that you end up pressing and you can't press, you just realize you have another good group of guys around you this year and they're going to pick you up, you don't and just go out and do you job."

And his job this year is to make sure opposing base runners learn quickly, that you just don't test Buster Posey's arm.