Munroe High School Football Preview

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The Bobcats of Munroe are looking for a turnaround season from their (3-7) finish last year. They brought in Joe Striplin from Aucilla Christian to spark a change, but before they could even take to the field, their season was in jeopardy.
Munroe Head Football Coach Joe Striplin says,
"We were a little worried at first but now we have twenty guys out. It's a tribute to the guys who want to help the school and show school spirit and that's what we're working towards this year. Small numbers, you have to put people both ways but I've been at places where we've had fifty kids and eight and nine of them play both ways so it always comes down to who you're going to put the best eleven on the field.
Playing with limited players seems as though it would play as a major disadvantage, but they look at is as an advantage.
Munroe Senior OT/DT Hunter Welborn adds,
"We always play both ways. Always played both ways since I've been out here. You just get used to it, got to be in better shape than anyone."
Munroe Junior Fullback Trui Back adds,
"We got to run a lot but hopefully we'll do good and be in shape."
Joe Striplin adds,
"You have to coach hard everyday and get the players in the right positions and make plays and you find out if you can coach or not."
The task will be difficult, but it's better than not having enough players to field a team.

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