Outside the Athlete - Amber Annand

When Wakulla High School's Amber Annand signed her name on the dotted line to attend Saint Johns River Community College, it guaranteed her volleyball career would continue.

Amber Annand said, "It's been a lifelong dream since I started playing in sixth grade."

But it's the career after volleyball that Annand looks most forward to, being a midwife.

Annand said, "A midwife is someone who helps a pregnant lady deliver kids and have her children and goes through every stage that you go through."

Being a midwife is something Annand has wanted to do since elementary school when she helped deliver her baby sister, kind of.

Annand said, "When I was in the 6th grade my had had her last baby and I was told it was going to be a girl, so I was going to deliver my sister, and my mom has a really cool midwife and she allowed me to deliver my sister, but it became my brother actually, so that's how I got into that."

Plus the chance to be in the room when a babies being born.

Annand said, "It's one of the reasons I picked that profession because I just think that it's awesome to help deliver and bring life into this world. Even if I'm not physically doing it, I'm still in there helping."

And giving herself a future after volleyball.