Wakulla High School Football Preview

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As Wakulla Head Football Coach preaches to his team,
"We ain't had but one bad day, lets not have another one. Focus on what you need to do."
What the War Eagles want to do is get back to the playoffs. Scott Klees and Wakulla enter the 2009 season with a different look. Their goal of making it to the state playoffs will still be the same but it will be a youthful team looking to make that run.
"The great thing is we have a great summer workout program and the guys have been here all summer, working hard in the weight room and getting their bodies mature and we're hoping the mental aspect comes now that we've had two-a-days."
Wakulla Senior RB/LB E.J. Forbes adds,
"We have a bunch of kids this year but, obviously we're going to put it together and make a good season out of this year."
Wakulla Senior T/DT John Cooper says,
"What we say, they're pretty good at listening, pretty good with cooperating with us. They know that we both have to come together. Youth and experience to come together to have a good year."
Another challenge that lye's in store for Wakulla, like many other schools, they will be facing new competition. They jump from class 3-A to 4-A.
Scott Klees adds,
"You got to play every week in the upper classifications. If you don't then you're going to lose so we're looking for new challenges and the new teams we get to play. We've never played Lincoln before so that will be a challenge for us."
A strong offensive line followed by a rushing attack will be the strength of the War Eagles, as they look to run over the competition.

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