Orange Bowl Reactions

Even though many are upset about the bowl loss, Florida State football fans are loyal ones.

It was a game fans for both teams weren't exactly excited about to begin with; the Florida State Seminoles versus the Miami Hurricanes again. On a serious note, now that it's over, Seminole fans have something to say.

"I just think Miami owns Florida State right now, like Florida State owns the Gators. It's a mental thing," said Jack Shiflet.

But other fans say they will be true to their school, and no matter what the record, still love Bowden's boys.

"I think they're the greatest team on the planet. We need to work on our coaching, but I love them!" said Curtis Harris.

Most fans say, now that this bowl game is over, they can't wait for some redemption come next football season when the Seminoles kick off the season against the hurricanes.

That opening game will happen Labor Day weekend in September.