Outside the Athlete - Ania Rynarzewska

Florida State sophomore Ania Rynarzewska came to the Seminoles from Poland. Although at the time she was not fluent in English, she did have a head start and it came from an unlikely source.

Ania Rynarzewska said, "Actually, I never learned from the books. When I was a child I used to watch cartoon networks and it was over satellite, which means it's only in English rather than in translation, so I was just staring at it and I didn't know it would actually help me out. As it ended up, when I was 12 I went to a tournament and I realized I actually understand quite a bit."

And with a little extra help, Ania is now on the Seminole forensics or debate team.

Rynarzewska said, "It comes from Aristotle and it's finding the truth through words. We have different events like dramatic interpretation and typical speeches like informative, persuasive, and after dinner."

Ania first had to get over her perception of not speaking English well enough.

Rynarzewska said, "I was very shy at first because I had that problem of not being able to communicate, but thanks to Coach Arnoff and another coach they helped me to get over it, to be able to compete."

And because of that, Ania can now defeat her competition with her words and her racket.