Outside the Athlete - Nikki Anthony

North Carolina State Women's Basketball Head Coach Kay Yow returned to the sidelines earlier this season as she continues to fight breast cancer, a fight that the Florida State Women's team has joined.

Sue Semrau said, "Kay Yow is one of my favorite coaches in the whole world and has been a mentor to me for years. To go up there and see her continue to fight really motivated me individually but I also know our team."

Nikki Anthony said, "Coach Sue really supports Coach Yow and I think they're really good friends."

The Lady Noles wore pink shoelaces for their game against the Wolfpack and some players still lace them up like Junior Nikki.

Anthony said, "Our team has been touched by breast cancer. Christi Lautch lost her mother and my mother has breast cancer, but luckily she fought it. I continue to wear mine for that reason."

Anthony has always been close to her mom, and even though she can't make it to many games this season, she is always with Anthony because of her laces.

Anthony said, "She's recently has some surgery, it's just nice to know when she's at home watching she can see the bright pink shoe laces shining. My mother's always been a great inspiration to me, she was my High School coach, she's just a wonderful mother, just to have something to let her know that I'm still playing for her."