Thornton Prepares for an Emotional Home Finale

Leonard Hamilton said, "You don't have a lot of guys with the natural ability, with a great attitude and the unselfish spirit that works as hard. That's a rare combination."

1,300 points, 600 rebounds, Al Thornton has left his imprint on Florida State's court, and on Saturday, he'll have one more opportunity to show off his skills to the home fans.

Al Thornton said, "It's going to be emotional for me, it's been great here."

Thornton broke onto the scene as a sophomore against Wake Forest scoring 26 points and grabbing 10 rebounds, since then the 6'8" playmaker has been nothing less than a force, something he never imagined when he came to Florida State."

Thornton said, "I really didn't to be honest with you, I was happy to be here, I really have tried to get better each and every year."

And it's that tireless work ethic that has gotten Thornton to All-American status.

Hamilton said, "He's in the gym working on his shot, working very hard, it's not like he's working, he's enjoying himself getting better."

Thornton said, "I love this game, I'm very passionate about it. My dad once told me if you want to try to be great at something you have to have a tireless work ethic and I took his advice and I've been working to try and be one of the best, to bet he best player I can be."

Thornton hopes he has left a last legacy with fans.

Thornton said, "I want fans to remember that I was a guy that left his all out on the court, played every game with passion like every game was his last."