Got Game: Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders

Can you believe it's been 15 years since the Jacksonville Jaguars sprinted out of the tunnel and into the football minds of the NFL... In that span, the Jags have been to the playoffs multiple times and even hosted a superbowl... It's safe to say they've made some noise, but if you look beyond the helmets you'll see the Jaguars also have a pretty big roar-- as in the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders, known more affectionately as The Roar.

ROAR Alumni Member & former Jaguars Cheerleader Melissa George says:
"The ROAR Alumni has been a great part since 1995... all were together performing...

ROAR Alumni Member & former Jaguars Cheerleader Sunny Hill says:
"I'be been cheering for 5 years and to look back and think hard to imagine when you've been cheering as long as I have.

Over the years, Sunny and Melissa did their best to represent the Jags franchise, creating excitement with the fans both at the stadium and the community.
And when the Jags' home opener celebrated 15 years worth of NFL football, the most dominant group on the field had pom-poms in their hands and a show-stopping smile on their faces... An experience these ladies cherished.

Despite the Jags struggle with low ticket sales, these cheerleading ladies have kept fans spirits on high for 15 years... So on the anniversary, here's 2 cheers for 15 more out of the Roar.

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