Outside the Athlete - Antwan Harrison

Antwan Harrison said, "It started as a community service thing for our High School where you had to do 40 hours of community service, but I continued to do it. I liked it so much."

You have to start somewhere, and for Coppin State's Antwan Harrison, his passion for community service began in Washington D.C. at so Others May Eat Homeless Shelter.

Harrison said, "In High School a lot of my teammates and a lot of my friends, we went to the shelter, we did a couple of hours there maybe two or three days a weeks. We serve food to homeless people and play games with them and stuff like that."

Harrison is now a junior with the Eagles and even though he's three years removed from High School, he still goes back to serve at the shelter.

Harrison said, "To them it means a lot because they're in a tough situation so it brightens their day for as many hours they're in there, and for us it's just fulfilling knowing that you're helping other people that are in tough situations."

Something you can expect Harrison to continue well after he's done playing ball.