Keeping Track, A Super Senior

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TALLAHASSEE----- Each year the athletes in the Florida State Snowbird Invitational may change, but the officials who help put it on are steady.

"I've been doing it for 35 years, I thoroughly enjoy it, I wouldn't keep on doing it. I was a runner in high school, and a little bit in college, when I got older, I decided I wanted to be an official, and I have been since 1967," says the wise Fred H. Williams.

Fred Williams isn't quite in the running shape of his high school days, but by officiating for the college kids less than half his age, he can't help but feel a little spry.

"I enjoy being around them because they are so excited about what they're doing, particularly the women...the girls are very emotional and I enjoy being around them. It makes me feel a little younger too," says Williams.

Is there an end to officiating in sight?

"As long as I have my health, I'll keep on doing it. We had one official who went to 90, I don't know if I'll make that, but we'll keep on going as long as I have good health," the super senior replied.

Fred has found a recipe for staying young. Hanging out with the college athletes, year after year.