Miami A Homecoming For Many Rattlers

Saturday the FAMU Rattlers not only play in front of their 4th consecutive National audience, many will do it in front of friends and family. 17 players on the Rattler football team call the greater Miami area home, and they're eager for the homecoming experience.

Miami native Curtis Holcomb says, "Everybody's just talking about this game. Everybody's talking about this game. They just can't wait to see me. A lot of people who haven't seen me play yet are going to see me play this weekend, so they're just so excited, just like me."

John Williams says, "It just feels great to go home and play in front of my home family. It's not really vacation for me, but it's a way to get the work done. It feels great to go play in front of my friends and family."

For some, the biggest thrill Saturday will be playing for the first time on the field they grew up watching..

Holcomb adds, "One of my biggest dreams growing up was playing at Miami, Dolphin Stadium. Just going to the games, you get that feeling."

Anthony Collins says, "When I was growing up, it used to be Joe Robbie Stadium, Dan Marino used to play there. It's great to play in a stadium you always watched the Dolphins play in, but I'm also going down there for a game."

The excitement players feel now would pale in comparison if the Rattlers could pull off the upset over number 11 Miami.

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