Taking Kart Racing to a New Level

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For a couple of kart racers from Florida, they're about to see how they stack up in international competition. Brian Lockwood and Henry Ferree will be taking their racing skills to Italy this week. Both racers have been hitting the track in Monticello for the past two years honing their craft.
Kart racer Henry Ferree says,"Never in a million years did I think it would happen especially with how new I am to the sport, but I'm glad it did."
Kart racer Brian Lockwood says,"I've never actually raced in any place other than Florida so it's going to be really exciting. It's going to be really exciting. It's going to be a great experience."
Both Brian and Henry will be competing against a large field of drivers, about 50 in each of their respective classes.
They might feel alone on the track, but they'll be able to lend each other support none the less.
Henry says, "It's really nice knowing that there are other people that are there that you know becuase it would be weird to go out there all by yourself, not knowing anybody, can't really speak the language too well."
Brain adds, "I know practically nothing of the Italian language. So, I mean I'm really glad to be able to talk with someone."
Henry says, "I just want to win for Team USA."
Brian shares the same desire, "I definitely want to make it to Sunday at least. I hope I can do better. I hope I can get at least Top 5."
Even if they don't take the checkered flag, just having this once in a lifetime experience will feel like they're in victory lane.

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