FAMU's Gillespie Vents

Mike Gillespie on the NCAA Play-In Game

"these guys deserved to accept the accolades of winning the conference tournament, they deserved to chance to be David and slay Goliath, be that 16 that finally beats a #1 and they were denied that. You can say you had the opportunity to play in this game, well this is like another conference championship game, I have already done that I have already won that. Let the last two at large teams play in this game, I have been on the other end and its a great feeling to advance, but right now I have a feeling of helplessness, because they feel terrible and what they have done this season is incredible and its not fair, its not fair that the MEAC has had to play in this game three of the last four years, if we are the 65th best team in this tournament, this is one helluva tournament"