FSU's Thornton Steals Show in NIT


"This was a man with some boys running around him"

ESPN's Karl Ravich said what those of us as that have been following the FSU basketball team all season long already knew.

Al Thornton is a man among boys. Thornton is till visibly frustrated for missing the big dance yet again took his frustration out on poor Toledo last night.

It may have been round one of the NIT, but Thornton once again proved he is without question the best player in the ACC, a lock top 15 pick in the NBA draft and possibly the best Seminole basketball player of all time.

Dave Cowens, Thornton is knocking on your door. In fact, he passed Cowens on the all-time scoring list last night. There were several standing ovations for #12. It’s clear they appreciate him as much as he appreciates them.