Motocross Brings Father and Son Closer Together

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It's a tale of the passion for a sport, and the sacrifice one father makes for his son. Dakota Barrett is an Orlando Native who has been competing in motocross for the past three years. "My dad bought me an XR 100 and we went out to the Ocala National Forest. We just went from there and kept building on that and then we moved from Orlando to Cairo."

From the tourism capital of the world to the motorcross capital of the world, life's a little different."

Dakota's father Scott bought a motocross track in Cairo. "I introduced him to the bike and he just kind of grabbed it and kept going and going."

The father's sacrifice pins two men's dreams on a goal, for Dakota to make it pro. Whether the dream is attained or not, the dream has built a stronger bond between father and son. Dakota says, "I really appreciate what he did. He's given up a lot for me and I'm going to do my best to pay him back one day and try and make him as proud as I can." Scott says he's hard on Dakota sometimes but their friendship is stronger than ever. "I'm a little bit of a task master on him, but he's my best friend and I think I'm his best friend. Two best friends from the sunshine state, chasing a dream in the peach state.