A View of the Diamond

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Today we talk some South Georgia baseball, seems to be a youth movement sweeping through the area. We start with Cairo, a team with a couple of big losses, but also a big win against Thomasville.

"Always exciting, you never know when you've got so much youth out there, what's going to happen from one minute to another, but our kids are excited, they're flying around, they're fun to watch, we're 2-2 and we're going through some growing pains, but we're getting there," cites Cairo Baseball Coach Tommy York.

Over at Thomasville, the rebuilding starts near ground zero, just 1 senior and 2 juniors, the Dawgs are learning as they go.

"A little bit of a sluggish start for us so far. We're sitting at 2 and 6 so far, but with the exception of all but one game we've played well. Maybe those winds of the baseball G-ds will turn around and smile on us before it's all over," hopes Thomasville Baseball Coach Erik McDougald.

Then there's the Yellow Jackets of Thomas County Central at 4-3, they're a winner, but those wins have not been taken for granted.

"We're not going to survive on talent alone, they're going to have to work at it, we're going to have to work harder than the next guy to keep being competitive," explains Thomas County Central Baseball Coach Chad Parkerson.

Other than the youth, another thing these 3 teams have in common, they all play against each other. Tomorrow it will be Thomas County Central and Cairo at 6:30 PM.