Brand New Spring at FSU

It's a brand new spring for Florida state football. Sure, there are 16 returning starters, but there are also five new coaches that have wasted no time putting their own stamp on the program.

Drew Weatherford, FSU junior quarterback, said, "It's a much faster pace. Coaches expect a lot out of us, so they've been successful other places, so they know what it takes to win."

Jimbo Fisher, FSU offensive coordinator, said, "It's an adjustment time for them to get used to me and for me to get used to them. I like a fast tempo. I like getting reps, I like to burn it and get them in the habit of playing fast and playing hard, because if you don't practice tough, how can you play tough?"

That kind of mentality has 12 more practices to really sink in before the annual garnet & gold spring game on April 14, a challenge that takes a dream coaching staff. What do ya' know? FSU has just that.

Bobby Bowden, FSU head football coach, said, "All of us are from the same school’ Trickett, Jimbo, Dawsey was here, Carter was here, Chuck was here, so we've all done about the same thing through the years. I've got complete confidence in what they're doing. I'll watch and criticize if I see something that needs to be sharpened up."

Jimbo added, "It's a good feeling to know the winningest coach in college football is standing there looking at you. When you make a mistake, he can help you so you can help the kids."

And if the learning process continues on this pace, the Noles might have something else to feel good about when the BCS rolls back around.