FSU Basketball, A Season of "What If..."

If FSU hadn't ended the regular season losing 5 of their last 7 games, they would've been a lock to go NCAA instead of NIT.

Then again, if Toney Douglas hadn't broken his wrist and missed 4 of the final 6 games, FSU probably wouldn't have finished below .500 in the conference.

Then again, if the Noles had been on the right side of a pair of buzzer-beaters against Clemson and Boston College, FSU probably would've been finished as high as 4th in the acc, instead of 9th.

If 7-foot freshmen signee John Kreft hadn't lost his scholarship due to legal problems, if Alexander Johnson had stayed just one more year, if you get the point.

A lot of things led to a (7-9) acc record and a season that didn't meet certain expectations.

Despite the bright spots of beating Florida, having a unanimous first team all-ACC selection, and seeing Big Al Thornton score 45 points in Miami, the season ends after 2 dominant NIT performances and one stumble in Mississippi.

Florida State basketball goes (22-13) in a fun year, that could have been great, if.