Trio of Florida State Defenders Itching to Get Back on Field

While the majority of Florida State's football team are getting physical this spring, defensive tackle Paul Griffin, and linebackers Marcus Ball and Derrick Nicholson are stuck on the sidelines watching their teammates play.

Marcus Ball said, "It's the hardest thing about it all, not the rehab or the pain of the knee or nothing like that, the hardest thing is just to watch."

Paul Griffin said, "It's really hard, you just see everybody out here competing going 100 percent and that's something that you want to do and that's what I'm looking forward to, me, Derrick, and Marcus."

Griffin, Ball and Nicholson all suffered season ending ACL injuries last season and while being injured can be the loneliest time for an athlete, having teammates to rehab with has helped ease the process.

Griffin said, "It made it a little bit easier because all of us are fighting for the same thing, just basically trying to get back on the field working hard at practice everyday."

Now the trio of Noles just have to make sure they are prepared to pick up the pace in the fall when all three expect to be back on the field.

Ball said, "We've all got to stay focused and stay a part of the team, stay ongoing with the team, keep up the tempo with the team, keep the chemistry between us."

It’s something opposing offenses would rather not see.