VSU Football: Keeping a Winning Tradition Alive

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It's been some time since Blazers fans were disgruntled. Even last year when one of the nation's best football programs failed to make the playoffs, Blazers fans were more upset with the NCAA Division-2 Rules Rommittee than any of the coaches or players.
It was a nice calm and level atmosphere established by former Head Coach Chris Hatcher that led to this, and it's one that new Head Coach David Dean looks forward to picking up.
For him, it's all about communications. As long as the players and coaches are on the same page, there is no room for controversy.

Coach Dean explains, "With a new staff coming in, nobody knew the coaching styles, the coaches didn't know the playing styles, and the efforts, and different things like that, so everybody is kind of used to each other now, and used to the coaching styles, and used to how everybody plays and what they're going to say, the communication level is different."