Antwan Moore: A FAMU Birthday Surprise

Birthdays are some of the most anticipated days in American culture, but they're normally a pain when work conflicts with the birthday celebration; unless you're a FAMU football player, going through Camp Carter, and your parents bring you an unexpected present.

It’s time to introduce you to FAMU freshman Antwan Moore

"I went to Lincoln High School,” Moore says. “I'm on a full scholarship to FAMU."

Some of you may already recognize him as a former wide receiver for the Lincoln Trojans, or better yet, a speedy member of Lincoln high's 4x400 meter relay team. However, this past weekend, the two-sport kid had to juggle both his birthday and his first Saturday spring football practice.

"It's no better way than to be out here with your team,” Moore said. “Celebration; you get the business out of the way first, then go out with the family, chill, and have a good time."

That good time got a lot better during practice when his parents decided to surprise him with a new car!

Allen Moore, Antwan's father said, “We're celebrating it with dinner and we got him a surprise new car."

Jackie Moore, Antwan's mother said, "He's been wanting a new car. He's gonna’ be surprised, really surprised."

So, as Moore endured the hot sun in helmet & pads, he had no clue the car was waiting for him. In fact, he didn't think about a gift at all. "No, actually being alive today I can thank God for that and that's good enough for me," he said.

But obviously, this family managed to give Antwan more than he expected.

Moore said, "I couldn't ask for a better family. They've been behind me 100% and I love them all with all my heart."