Lincoln High Baseball; Living up the Glory Days!

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TALLAHASSEE---In high school sports, It doesn't take long before your playing days become your glory days.

It's a fate that lies ahead for the 2007 Lincoln Trojans baseball club. A team that can field seniors at all 9 positions, with room for two to watch from the bench.

"We have 11 seniors out of 17 kids, they were all here last year," says Head Coach Joe Vallese. " We competed well last year, we had a good season, we learned from our seniors last year, and now you don't have to teach them as much. They're doing some of the teaching with the juniors."

Of course, some lessons are lighter than others. The team's comradaries was recently shown when in the midst of an interview Thomas Troelstrup has rosin tossed on him as a prank.

"We're a pretty close group of guys. Everybody hangs out with each other. Everybody's close. Everything stays within the family," says senior pitcher/outfielder Tye Buckley.

"We've all grown up together, a lot of us play on travel teams together, forever, it's just family here," grins Thomas Troelstrup .

A family with a tradition of winning. Last season the Trojans were district champs. Two weeks ago they won the Spring Break Invitational. With each games, the Trojan seniors are a day closer to hanging em up.

"Last year we didn't have as many seniors and we did pretty good. This year, we know we should have a real good chance, so we know we need to leave it all out there and not take anything with us," adds Tye Buckley.

Soon the practices and games will be gone, and all that will be left are memories and friendships made during the glory days.