Scores! Scores! Scores!


Meridian Park (13-14)

Phoenix Environmental Wouldn’t Relinquish Lead Against Henry Buchanan Law Firm.

Phoenix Environmental (PE) jumped on an early lead and stayed ahead of Henry Buchanan (HB) despite late efforts made by (HB) to over take them.

Visiting (PE) scored three in the first with the help of 2 RBI singles, one by Anders and one by Z. Doran. J. Doran. was hit by pitch as the lead off batter. (HB) had bases loaded in the first but left the runners, Lewis (walk), Duffy (single), and Greenfield (walk) stranded.

Kelly scored for (PE) in the second after rounding the bases off of a Batts double. The bottom of the inning for (HB) provided a run when Zaleski hit in Searcy, putting (HB’s) first point on the board for the evening which brought the score totals to 4-1 Phoenix.

The top of the third for (PE) brought a walk from J. Doran who was knocked in by a RBI single from Blomoley. Young also had a hit with a run batted in. Shrowang drew a walk, but was left on base, but not before (PE) added two points to the scoreboard. The third inning left bases loaded again for (HB) Duffy (Hit by pitch) and Chandronnett (walk) were left stranded, as was Lewis who got on base with a fielder’s choice.

Wilbourn scored for (PE) in the fourth, Batts and Koerner were left on the bases after walks. Wilbourn’s score brought (PE) to their final score of seven for they were unable to capitalize on a J. Doran. hit that lead off the fifth inning. The fourth brought a rally with Thiele, Ke. scoring after a single up the middle. Zaleski brought him home with a fielder’s choice RBI. Searcy drew a walk and also scored, bringing (HB) within four runs at the bottom of four. Chandronnet singled then scored on a RBI Fielder’s Choice by Duffy. Lewis had moved him into scoring position with a shallow SAC Fly, but the rally wasn’t enough leaving (HB) with the final of four runs.

Final Score Phoenix Environmental 7, Henry Buchanan Law Firm 4.


Meridian Park (11-12)

State Farm Insured Their Win with an Early Lead Against Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Center

Walks and some key hits factored big into State Farm’s (SF) win over Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Center (TPSC) on Tuesday.

Visiting team (SF) scored three runs the first inning with help of three walks obtained by Baranovich, Frost, and McKissack. Freeland hit a 2 RBI triple and Silcox hit a double with a RBI. (TPSC) had bases loaded in the first after a walk by Latham, a bunt by Weaver, and a Fielder’s Choice by Spires, but were unable to score.

The second inning (SF) had a walk by Ault and a single by Nguyen, but they too were left stranded. (TPSC) tried to make up ground after two walks by Hall and Postma, followed by a single by M. Tschieder and a double by Jacobsen bringing the score at the bottom of the second to a close 2-3 with (SF) in the lead.

Baranovich, Thompson, and Frost all drew walks and scored for (SF) after stealing home. Freeland hit the only single of the third inning. Reardon scored a hit in the fourth and he also stole around to score. Tucker and Ault made it to base the hard way: Hit by Pitch, while Tuner had a base on balls, but was left on first. Bringing the total score to seven.

(TPSC) had base runners to start the bottom of the third inning. Walks by Weaver, Burns, and Hall provided scoring chances but (TPSC) was unable to score. More of the same came in the bottom of the fourth with Jacobsen getting his free ride to first (hit by pitch) followed by a N. Tschieder walked, but both runners were left stranded, keeping (TPSC’s) total score to two.

The final score was State Farm 7, Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Center 2.