Making Dad Proud

Tony Thomas Sr. said, "A parent gets a lot of happiness from seeing their kid happy, he's very happy right now."

Tony Thomas Junior has every reason to be happy. A .482 average and 47 runs scored on the season will put a smile on your face.

So what could make Thomas Junior’s season better, having Thomas Senior watching nearly every at bat.

Tony Thomas Jr. said, "Just about every home series or if we're playing close in Jacksonville or Gainesville. To have him in the stands is just a big motivation for me, and he gives me such tremendous support."

Thomas Sr. said, "A dad always wants his kid to do well regardless of what he's doing it in and to see him doing something that he loves to do, it just brings a lot of joy to me."

Baseball success runs from senior to junior as the eldest Thomas played ball at Southern where an injury ended his playing career, but despite the injury Thomas Senior passed the love of the game down to his son.

Thomas Jr. said, "The injury put him back and I'm almost living his dream as well as mine so it's just a big motivation his support to do well because he's given me support to do it."

Thomas Sr. said, "I was unfortunate, I broke my 4th, 5th, and 6th vertebrae sliding into second head first and that ended my career. So we always talk about the happiness of playing because you never now when that last out you're going to be able to play."

And there's no doubt when that last out comes, senior will be just as proud of junior as when he first put the uniform on.