Ernie Sims Ready to Lead Lions

Ernie Sims Junior has never lost. In high school he was a 4 time state champ, at Florida State he led a Seminole defense that was among the nation’s best. In the NFL, well in the NFL he is with the Lions, as far as wins and losses are concerned it can't get worse. But Sims is going to change that.

"I am not a rookie no more so I can get my guys where they need to be."

Still this Lions team is a long way from being right. Sims is no doubt a bright spot, but in next months draft the Lions have the second pick and need to get an impact player; Sims says that isn’t the only thing.

"We need some guys who want to be here we need guys to do their job and be there for the team. We don't need any I guys"

Whatever direction the Lions go in the draft, they could do a whole lot worse than their first round pick from a year ago.