FSU Baseball Prepares for Road Trip

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The Seminole baseball club has been good, this we have established with their 27-1 record. but what the Noles haven't established is the ability to win on the road.
They are just 1 and 1 away from Dick Howser this year with their lone loss of the season coming at Jacksonville University.
The Noles on that night were the more talented team, but playing on the road is a challenge in itself.
On that note, this weekend's opponent are the struggling Blue Devils. They are just 1 and 8 in conference after a 15-1 start...
But travelers beware! You can't give even the worst teams the edge at home.

Seminoles Head Coach Mike Martin explains, "Every time you go on the road you've got to be ready, you can't give'em extra outs, we proved that against Jacksonville when we gave them a couple extra outs in one inning and we ended up getting beat. You can't make the other club feel good about themselves and extra outs have a way of doing that."