Spring Game Ahead, One Final Blaze of Glory

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If you're looking for some football this weekend, head to Valdosta where the Blazers square off in the spring game to conclude their spring season.
First year coach David Dean is having a little fun with this. The team had an NFL-style draft earlier in the week to decide the teams, and there will be guest coaches as well.
That puts the recently hired Head Coach in new territory. Sure all of this matters, but he can't step on the heels of this weekend's coaches.
Come saturday David Dean bettter find a job.

Dean jokes, "I really don't have one, it's going to be different. I will probably go from sideline to sideline to just watch the reactions of the players on the sideline, see how they are, get an idea of how they react to different situations, in the ball game, and mostly just evaluate certain guys that I really want to look at."