Sports Complex

If you build it, they will come. For Taylor County Tuesday was the day that their most ambitious project got underway.

The plans are on a grand scale. Taylor County's new sports complex will be one of the largest in the region and a source of pride for this small community.

"We're real excited about it. We're finally getting things started. We have a beautiful place here, acreage wise around 70 acres. We're looking forward to getting started," says Bill Saterwhite, Taylor County Projects Manager.

For Taylor County this is truly their field of dreams. The massive field will one day contain eight baseball fields. Four of the baseball fields will be opened in time for Little League in 2005.

The first phase of the complex, which got underway on Tuesday, will be three soccer fields, which will be completed this October.

Patricia Patterson, Chairman of the Taylor County Commission, says, "We're very excited for our young people. This will give them an outlet to go and participate in sports, and also it will be a good place of fellowship as well."

When all is said and done the complex will also contain basketball courts, tennis courts, concession stands and a mile and a half of nature trails. If you hurry you can still catch some of the groundbreaking for the complex! It's located off Highway 19 just north of Perry.