Miami Heat Player Arrested

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ Miami Heat forward James Posey was arrested today on a drunken driving charge.

Police say an officer pulled him over for stopping in the road and talking to pedestrians. According to the police report, Posey dropped his driver's license when he was handing it to the officer. The officer then asked the 6-foot-8 forward to step out of the car and pick up his license.

The report says Posey had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. It also says he was unsteady on his feet and swayed while standing.

Posey was arrested and taken to Miami-Dade County jail.

A Heat spokesman won't comment. It's not yet clear if Posey will be on the traveling roster for their game tomorrow. This is the second D-U-I arrest involving a Heat player on Miami Beach this season.

Posey is in the final year of his contract and is making over six-million dollars this season with the Heat.