Rutgers Responds to Imus

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (AP) _ Members of the Rutgers women's basketball team in New Jersey have agreed to meet with Don Imus, to talk about his racially-charged on-air insult.

At a news conference today, the players stopped short of saying
whether they thought Imus should be fired. One player says she and
her teammates don't know what they'll hear from Imus, or whether they will accept his apology.

Their coach, Vivian Stringer, says the comments from the radio host were ``racist and sexist.'' She describes them as ''deplorable, despicable and unconscionable.'' Stringer urged the nation to see her players not the way Imus described them, but instead as accomplished young women, calling them ``the best this nation has to offer.''

Rutgers University President Richard McCormick says Imus' words were deeply hurtful to the players and their families.

Imus has been suspended from this show for two weeks for calling the basketball team a group of ``nappy-headed hos'' last week. On his show today, Imus said he made ``a stupid, idiotic mistake."