Mr. 1300: Tommy Thomas Continues to Achieve

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VALDOSTA-----You always remember your first win, as well as your second, third, and even fourth, but when you win as many as Valdosta State Baseball coach Tommy Thomas, its easy to forget.

"We won the game Saturday, which was the 1300th, I didn't know anything about it, and nobody else knew anything about it, until I called in the game to our local newspaper, and the sports editor said congratulations on your 1300th," said Head Valdosta State Baseball Coach Tommy Thomas.

1300, that's a lot of wins, and a lot of players, and to this day, Coach Thomas remains appreciated by his players.

"I speak on behalf of the players when I say that I've learned a lot about myself from the time I've been here," said Valdosta Balzer Nick Phillips. "He really does a good job of teaching his players that."

"Really I think that my greatest accomplishment in my 40 years is being here for 40 years," cracks Thomas. "I appreciate everything, and everybody has done so much, particularly all those players to help me achieve, what I've achieved."

And so in his final year, Coach Thomas continues to make history. The University and Blazers fan base have expressed their support, to which Coach Thomas says:
"People have been extremely good and nice to me and I'm extremely grateful for it."

When the day comes for Coach Thomas to hang up his spikes, he will leave a field bearing his name, record books stuffed with his feats, and shoes that will take years for the next coach to fill."