Meet the Mets

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ATLANTA----The Braves took two out of three this past weekend against the New York Mets, but if you're a Braves fan, be extremely cautious. While the Braves offer two stars who have hit 30 homeruns at one point in their careers,

The Mets boast a lineup with 3 players who have hit 40 homeruns in a season, and 5 who have hit at least 30 homeruns. That doesn't include two of their best players who are only getting better in Jose Reyes and David Wright.

By picking up Shawn Green late last season, and Moises Alou this off-season, the Mets have veterans who went from being the focus of their teams, to role players on the mets.

In a WCTV exclusive, Moises Alou stated, "I'm very excited. I needed to become a part of a team like this towards the end of my career to get that feeling."

Teammate Shawn Green then told WCTV, "It's a great lineup, that's a big strength of the team. It's a team that's versatile, you've got speed, you've got power, guys who can hit .300, so all the way through the lineup it's tough, and it's fun to be a part of."