Offense Wins an Enigmatic Spring Game

The scoring was convoluted and hard to understand and the play left a lot to be desired... The Gold team beat the Garnet team, 29-25. The hope is the work done previous to this garnet and gold game was enough to get ready for the fall.

Bobby Bowden said, "I thought we culminated a good spring I saw a whole lot of improvement from a lot of boys and that is what you want."

Jimbo Fisher said, "I expected a lot out of us, in 15 days you are not going to get there, but we are somewhere in between the other day we were good, and then today we have to quit this high and lows and stay somewhere in between that is how you win football games this up and down you can't tolerate."

Drew Weatherford completed 13 of 23 passes for 219 yards, 2 INTs and one TD. Xavier Lee completed 13 of 26 passes for 163 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs.

The Seminole ground game was led by Marcus Sims who had 45 yards and 1 TD on 11 carries. Featured back Antone Smith rushed for 42 yards on 11 carries. Jamaal Edwards scored a rushing TD. Xavier lee also scrambled for a TD.

Defensively, the Noles were getting after it. Everette Brown recorded 2 sacks for 10 yards. Neefy Moffett also had a sack for 8 yards. Dekoda Watson grabbed a sack as well. Interceptions were made by Michael Ray Garvin, Patrick Robinson, and Dekoda Watson. Alex Boston recovered a fumble.

Quarterbacks Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee entered spring as co-1s and they leave it that way, who starts Labor Day night against Clemson will be decided in August. That wraps up spring football.