Driving Without A License

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He's quick, fast, competitive, and isn't he precious, Logan is a 6 year old super star on the race track.

"My buddy Justin, he's 18. He races late models and I wanted to be like him and he told me I had to start in go carts first", said Logan Lane.

Te youngster already knows what it's like to win, he's one of the top drivers in his class and even has his own sponsors.

"You want to be on the gas full throttle on the straight away, then when your coming into the turn you have to let off", said Lane.

Helping Logan is his biggest fan and father, who says he gets a little little nervous when he sees his son on the track.

"Every time I'm nervous. Every time he gets out there you think about everything. His first race he got in a wreck and we learned from that", said

Logan Lane says, "I think other people might think it's scary but it's really exciting for me".

And even more exciting is what lies in the future for Logan, maybe he'll race on the track in Daytona as a NASCAR Nextel Cup Driver.