Brad Johnson Ready for Big D

Former Super Bowl winning quarterback Brad Johnson will always have a place in the NFL, the roles just change. As he nears 40 he now shifts to becoming a full-time backup.

The opportunity knocked in Dallas and Johnson opened the door. Countless football superstars have walked out of the tunnel at Doak Campbell Stadium and have turned the NFL into their own playground.

Brad Johnson is a prime example of FSU success. His 15-year career spanned from Tampa to Minnesota and was recently rejuvenated with a new contract in Dallas.

Brad Johnson said, "It's gonna be my 16th year in the league and I'm excited to be going to Dallas, so I'm going in as the backup. Work hard and compete and everything will take its course."

Johnson's move from the Vikings to the Cowboys has been well received by his peers.

Derrick Brooks said, "He well traveled after 16 years in the league. There's a lot of knowledge, but I wish him the best with the Cowboys, except for when he plays the Bucs."

You know the rest of Seminole nation will continue to take pride in watching Johnson at his new home, deep in the heart of Texas.