Every Team Has a Story: Thomas County Central Baseball

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THOMASVILLE, GA - It's a tale of a competitive baseball team from the red clay of Thomasville, Georgia.

Thomas County Central head baseball coach explains, "It's just a good group of boys; they work hard and try to do the little things not really any egos or anything like that."

It’s a tight team that has one Yellow Jacket stand out. The ball makes a different noise when it comes off the bat of Thomas County Central's Austin Taylor.

The young slugger commented, "My goal is just to have fun, just make the most of this year. It's my last year just have fun with all these guys as much as possible."

If you're looking for the big quote, you won't find it. Austin lets his performance leave a lasting impression. It's a lesson he learned from two proud kin, a father who showed his boy how to practice, and an uncle in former Major League closer Billy Taylor, who showed how far one can make it.

The aspiring nephew said, "He reminds me how hard I still have to work to get there and he just provides that advice that nobody else can really give you."

Coach Parkerson added, "He leans on his uncle as well as his dad too. They say his dad was a tremendous ballplayer, and he's got a good base of support with his family."

With a couple of weeks left in the season, the Yellow Jackets look to take two from rival Lee County. Expect Austin to follow the advice of Teddy Roosevelt: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."