Got Game: Lady Noles Party at Killearn Lakes

After the Lady Noles basketball team wrote their names in the history books by going to their first ever Sweet 16, they're now trying to make sure future generations can read that history.

Reading became fun and fundamental for two classes at Killearn Lakes Elementary School. They competed in a five month book challenge against area schools and wound up winning one of the top prizes.

Second Grade Teacher Sarah Greene at Killearn Lakes Elementary says, "The top five classes got to participate in the luncheon with the team and coach so they were really excited. I pushed that, and we just kept passing the books around and they got so excited about reading each one."

FSU Assistant Women's Basketball Coach Cori Close, says, "We are here to honor them and their work and to be a part of their work reading books. So if we can do a small piece to encourage kids to read and be apart of that. They came out and supported us, so it's a win-win for everybody."

Coach Close and Sophomore Guard Mara Freshour added a Lady Nole twist to the party, fixing peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and a lot more to the winning class. It was all just to illustrate how important reading is.

"In elementary, I loved to read,” Freshour says. “Even if it's a newspaper or magazine, it doesn't have to be some in-depth novel. Reading is reading and you can still get information from everywhere."

Obviously, there were two classes at Killearn Lakes that got the message. They turned reading into a game, and won.

Fort Braedon Elementary won the overall competition.